ASBMB Poster Presentation

This past weekend I had my first ever poster presentation at the Northeast regional meeting of ASBMB!

It was a really enjoyable experience to be able to speak to so many people about my research, and while I’ve certainly come away with some thoughts on how I can improve for next time, overall it felt like my work was well received.


In particular, I have a really fantastic, HUGE, graph in the middle of the poster (you can kind of see if in the photo above) that shows the transition from day to night and how activity drops really suddenly with the Rdl deficient flies. I was shocked when I looked at the data, because what is showed was that at 8:15pm, the Rdl deficient flies went from 20-30 beam breaks per 5 minutes to zero. The kicker? Sunset that day occurred at 8:13pm!

I’m happy I get to continue this research but, as always, it’s frustrating to not have as much time in the lab as I would like. The semester seemed like such a long time to get things done, but now it’s October 18th!

What can I say- time flies like an arrow, and fruit flies like a banana 😉