Finishing at MGH

Wow – I really had planned to write more while actually at MGH, but things just picked up and started going fast.

Before the co-op started I had to write a description of my job, here’s what I wrote:

Under supervision, providing engineering and technical services to hospital staff. This can include testing and repair of medical technology or computer systems within clinical or research areas. Documentation of implementation and testing of medical technology and computer systems. Educating medical and technical staff on operation of technology.

I think I was pretty accurate in that description. Some of the things I did at MGH included:

Configuring EKG machines to suit the needs of clinicians.
Configuring & troubleshooting anesthesia machines in preparation of software upgrades.
Observing a heart-lung machine being used over the course of a by-pass graft surgery.
Completing an MRI safety course.
Using an Argon Beam Coagulator in the MGH biomed workshop, and observing its use during surgery.
Updating drug databases for drug dispensing and safety machines.
Providing day-to-day user support for systems that network devices together in the operating rooms, pre/post anesthesia units, and other clinical areas.
Testing medical device integration across all preoperative areas.
Training staff to use new software and devices.
Preventative maintenance on conscious monitoring devices to adhere to FDA guidelines.

I’ve struggled with Impostor Syndrome pretty much the entire time. Why did I get hired for this co-op over the 30-40 people that applied? Did I do a good job? Was my work well done? Was I actually contributing to the hospital and being an asset to my team?

I’ve been reassured by my friends and colleagues that yes, I did deserve to be there, I was doing a good job, etc etc, but Impostor Syndrome is such a nasty little voice in the back of my head telling me that I’m not good enough and that it’s egotistical and naive to think that I am.

I took two weeks off between internships, and will now be working at Wentworth Accelerate Innovation+Entrepreneurship Center until August, then back to classes in September.

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