co-op week 3

I’m nearing the end of week three of my co-op. Time is really flying by, and although my days are somewhat long it seems like they go by in the blink of an eye with all the new things I’m learning to do.

When I decided to move on from SMCC without finishing my associates degree in computer technology, it was (in part) because I had realized I really didn’t want to be an IT Help Desk person, and I could see how it would be very easy to get settled into a job like that and lose inertia to keep pushing forward. Moving from that to Biomedical Engineering, I really had this feeling like I needed to firmly shut the door on that type of work.

So naturally I’ve taken an IT Systems Co-op 😉

I was actually quite nervous about accepting the position, while simultaneously being very excited and flattered to get the offer. My concern was that I would spend a semester as a help desk drone, not using any of my biomed knowledge. To be quite honest, so far I’ve found myself using mostly skills I learned at SMCC, with the Biomed education acting as more of a general backdrop to give things context.

I’m starting to realize what a powerful mixture computer technology and biomedical engineering is, to the point where I’m finding myself wanting to seek out supplementary material on computer science to really brush up on what I learned 3-4 years ago.

What I’m seeing at MGH is that through my day-to-day activities getting familiar with how the ORs work I will be able to identify areas that could be improved, and use my BMED/Comp Tech knowledge to come up with improvements. Being around the operating rooms and recovery spaces, I am acutely aware of how intertwined computer technology and biomedical engineering truly are. All of the devices that I support within the Department of Anesthesia have some computer/network aspect that’s incredibly important to understand in order to trouble shoot.

The other thing I’m learning is just how exhausting it is to work at a hospital. So with that, good night!

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